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Are you struggling with making the right decision for your body?

We know that sugar is bad – but did you know that it can affect your mood, your self-esteem, your skin and so much more? 

Yes, you probably already knew this. So why is it so hard to let go of our sugar cravings?

What you need is a powerful solution that will help you cut your sugar cravings loose and say good-bye to debilitating decisions. 

Time to get more energy and lose the pounds that have been haunting you for so long! 

It’s time to believe in yourself. You NOW have the tools that will give you the power to make amazing decisions for your body and your soul.

I created a program that addressed all the possible obstacles you may have: From amazing support to delicious recipes that you can cook with ease – finally, a program that is not heavy on fluff and gives you ALL the tools you need.

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  • My Body-Reset: 10 Day No Sugar Program will help you lose those clingy pounds, have less mood swings, get that glowing skin – skip the blemishes and the lackluster skin!

    Benefit #1

    Look & Feel Amazing

    Benefit #2

    Have Sufficient Energy to be able to do the things you love

    Benefit #3

    Lose weight

    Benefit #4

    Have glowing skin

    Benefit #5

    Fit your favorite clothes

    Benefit #6

    Find confidence and empowerment when you make the right decisions that improve your health and also your self-esteem

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  • My Body-Reset: 10 Day No Sugar Program is what you need to grab TODAY!



  • No more feelings of deprivation

  • No more tired afternoons

  • No more tired afternoons

  • No more fogginess

  • No more diets with no results

  •  No more stubborn pounds

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     Here’s what this program offers: 

  • 10 Day Sugar Detox Guide

  • Recipe Guide

  • Suggested Meals and Pantry List

  • Facebook Group Support

  • Are you ready to get control back in your life?! 

    Your investment in yourself is only $125

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    BONUS #1: 30-minute virtual coaching session 

    BONUS #2: Food Diary ebook

    My Story- Why I Went On A Sugar Detox

    Working from home and with my physical health and emotions wavering amid a global pandemic, I relied heavily on processed foods or at least one sweet treat to "pick me up" every day. We all know those foods are bad for our bodies, blood sugar levels, and energy. That's no surprise to anyone. So, when I first cut back on sugar, I wanted to try out a new way of living. In a matter of weeks, my physical and emotional health was transformed. 

    Cutting Back On Sugar Improved My Health

    1. Improved sleep.

    When I ate sweets or bakery items in the evenings, I noticed that it was hard to fall asleep. So, I stopped eating sweets after lunch, and falling asleep improved, and it got even better when I cut out all refined sugar. Now, I sleep on average 7–8 hours, and I don't feel groggy throughout the day.

    2. My skin cleared.

    Sugar reacts with proteins in our bodies which accelerate the aging process. Sugar makes elastin and collagen less supple, radiant, elastic, resilient, and more susceptible to sun damage. My skin improved dramatically when I cut back on consuming sugary processed products.

    3. I lost weight.

    I always wanted to get rid of "that couple of pounds" that made me feel uncomfortable about my body. Once I started the detox, the digits on the scale made me happy. Visibly I looked less puffy. I have a flat stomach (no more bloating and fluid retention) and a snatched waist!

    4. I eat better. 

    I don't deprive myself. I eat abundantly and freely. I replaced refined sugar with healthy fat to satiate and fuel my body, and I don't ever feel I'm missing out. Food tastes even better now. I don't have cravings. Much to my surprise, once the detox ended, I continued my eating plan.

    5. Improved mood and emotions.

    I had turned to sugar instead of processing difficult emotions, so I needed to make new regular routines of journaling about what was happening in my life or calling my girlfriends to talk about it.

    Say Hello! A Brand New You is right around the corner! 

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